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QHSE policy statement

Pisces Offshore believes in 24/365 commitment to zero incidents in our workplace, our clients workplace and in our homes. Leading by example and looking out for each other is central to our ability to make sure we are all safe. Continuous improvement and evaluation on the services we provide to our clients ensures that we can deliver a quality product while at the same time looking after our people and the environment.

QHSE Policy implementation

Pisces Directors and Senior Managers all participate in developing and implementing the company’s QHSE policy. We believe that leading by example and continuous evaluation of our QHSE management system is key to ensuring maximum contribution towards HSE commitment from our people. Driven by our Director of Offshore Services, Jason Hurter, compliance audits are carried out at least once per quarter and presented to the Pisces Board of Directors and stakeholders.

Compliance with relevant legislation

The Pisces Offshore management systems is based on the ISO9001 Quality management system and complies with the applicable laws and regulation in Nigeria, which is our primary region of operation.


At Pisces we believe that it is only with commitment to training and developing our staff and providing them with the applicable knowledge to their duties and responsibilities, that can we empower them with the tools to provide a quality product, with reduced risk. All our staff are actively encouraged to pursue internal and external training and line managers tasked with providing personnel with performance and development evaluations on a regular basis.

Regular review of this QHSE policy to ensure sustainability and continuous improvement is key to Pisces Offshores business performance and to looking after our people for the benefit of Nigeria’s economy.

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